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Veterans Assistance

VA’s specialized programs for Veterans experiencing homelessness serve hundreds of thousands of homeless and at-risk Veterans each year. In collaboration with Shelter House, VA programs provide local Veterans with housing solutions, employment opportunities, health care, justice- and reentry-related services and more.

Veterans Grant and Per Diem

VA Grant and Per Diem Program (GPD) offers transitional housing and support services for Veterans experiencing homelessness. The purpose is to provide supportive housing and/or supportive services with the goal of helping Veterans achieve residential stability, increase their skill levels and/or income, and obtain greater self-determination.

Housing Case Managers work with the VA Grant and Per Diem Coordinator to identify potential program participants in Johnson County. Together, our staff and VA assist Veterans in accessing appropriate healthcare, substance abuse services, and mental health recovery services to ensure successful housing stability.

Shelter House has 11 beds designated for Veterans participating in the GPD program. Maximum stay for participants is 24 months, with the goal of moving Veterans into permanent housing.

GPD can help veterans who 

  • Have serious limitations and barriers limiting employment and housing options
  • Require a stable/structured program to maintain mental health and sobriety
  • Require easy access to VA medical, mental health, and substance abuse services


  • Must have one day of active duty and any discharge type other than dishonorable
  • Must be willing to attend scheduled appointments at the VA Health Care System
  • Must be abstinent of drugs and alcohol while in the program
  • Must be willing to make a commitment to work towards living in permanent housing
  • Must be willing to address barriers related to physical and mental health

For more information, contact 
Iowa City VA Health Care System
Ryan Belk, LCSW
Grant and Per Diem Coordinator
(319) 631-2890

Shelter House
Rachel Lehmann
Rapid Re-Housing Program Manager
(319) 338-5416 ext. 211

HUD-Veterans Affairs Supportive Housing (HUD-VASH)

This collaborative program between HUD and VA combines HUD housing vouchers with VA supportive services to help Veterans who are homeless and their families find and sustain permanent housing.

Supportive Services for Veterans Families (SSVF)

For very low-income Veterans, SSVF provides case management and supportive services to prevent the imminent loss of a Veteran’s home or identify a new, more suitable housing situation for the individual and his or her family; or to rapidly re-house Veterans and their families who are homeless and might remain homeless without this assistance.

Benefits Include

  • Case management
  • Connected to veterans benefits
  • Connected to local community benefits
  • Outreach services


  • Must be immediate family of a Veteran
  • Must have one day of active duty
  • Any discharge type other than dishonorable
  • Meet income guidelines

For more information, contact
Debbie Wells
SSVF Outreach Specialist
(319) 721-1474