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Mental Health Recovery

Mental Health Recovery

Mental illness affects a significant proportion of individuals experiencing homelessness. A study by the National Institute of Mental Health found that approximately 6% of Americans are severely mentally ill, compared to the 20-25% of the homeless population that experiences severe mental illness. Shelter House addresses homelessness through our Supported Community Living and Fairweather Lodge program which provides access to permanent housing for people with serious and persistent mental illness.

Supported Community Living (SCL)

Supported Community Living (SCL) provides people with disabilities the opportunity to live as independently as possible in the community. Service includes support with safety, housekeeping, finances, communication, employment, socialization, transportation and wellness. At Shelter House we serve adults 18 and older who are diagnosed with a persistent mental illness, who have a brain injury (BI) Medicaid waiver or who have an Intellectual Disability (ID) Medicaid Waiver. Qualified interested individuals download a referral form and return it to the Mental Health Recovery Manager at erin@shelterhouseiowa.org.

Fairweather Lodge

The Fairweather Lodge program is a permanent supportive housing intervention intended to support the mental health and employment needs of individuals with severe mental illness who are at increased risk of homelessness. The cost of living, including rent and utilities, at the Lodge is configured on a case-by-case basis which is determined during consultation with staff. The Lodge program combines:

  • Permanent supportive, affordable housing
  • Supported employment in a janitorial business
  • Peer support and accountability
  • Mental health recovery
  • Daily medication support
  • Access to psychiatric care and counseling support


  • Download program application and return to Laura Iobaker, Permanent Supportive Housing Manager, at laura@shelterhouseiowa.org or call (319) 351-0326
  • Interview with the Fairweather Lodge Coordinator
  • Meet with Fairweather Lodge staff and psychiatrist
  • The admissions team will follow up with applicants and notify them of acceptance into the program