Raise the Roof: Thomas’ Story

Thomas, Fairweather Lodge Training Program Participant

I see men and women growing in the groups we hold in this home. To see them making progress like that encourages me to keep going.

I’m 7 months sober now.  I’ve got to say, The Fairweather Lodge has helped me to stay sober and has kept me from getting bored and lonely.  It’s all about the comradery of the people here; the groups, staff…it keeps you accountable.

They’re giving me time and a space to grow and better myself without pressure, just with a lot of support.

We all do things to better this home, so we have invested interest in keeping this house up and running. Working in the garden, keeping the house clean and presentable… It feels good to contribute and care about the place you live.

We’re a part of something.—it’s not just a place to sleep. It’s our home, and we’re like a family sometimes. We have a safe, nurturing environment here…it’s important to keep it that way, because it’s bettering peoples’ lives. That’s why we need a new roof.


You can contribute to our Raise the Roof campaign by following this link.