Out of the Cold Campaign



This year alone, eight hundred seventy-four of our neighbors, our children’s classmates, and our fellow community members came through our doors as they faced the disruptive and traumatic experience of homelessness. Each with unique backgrounds, challenges, goals, and struggles, they came to Shelter House lacking resources, afraid, and looking for hope. At Shelter House, they not only found a safe place to stay, but were able to get the help they needed in order to move beyond homelessness.

There are a number of reasons why someone experiences homelessness and no story is the same. In light of this, Shelter House is committed to providing a spectrum of services which touch on the unique needs of individuals who come to us for shelter, support, and hope.

Iowa’s winter months present the same harsh reality to everyone who experiences homelessness; being without a warm place to sleep can mean the difference between life and death. Whether we are offering emergency shelter to individuals and families, permanent housing to our Fairweather Lodge program participants, or a temporary location for those who would otherwise be unable to stay at Shelter House, our goal is to keep everyone out of the cold this winter.

Thanks to the generosity of Johnson County, we have been able to secure the old Carquest Building (821 S. Clinton St.). We also owe thanks to The City of Iowa City Government, City of Coralville, Iowa Government, Johnson County Board of Supervisors, and Iowa City Police Department for their amazing support in our efforts!

The work we do is only possible with your support. Our goal is to raise $100,000 this winter to cover the range of programs and services that keeps those experiencing homelessness out of the frigid temperatures. Will you join us in the effort by donating to our Out of the Cold campaign?

Thanks to your abundant support, we’re able to give people experiencing homelessness a warm place to sleep and safe place to escape dangerously cold temperatures. Meeting the immediate need of shelter during the winter months is a crucial part of our mission, and is a stepping stone to the life-changing services we provide.