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joslyn family letter
As a community we must be present to assist people who are experiencing homelessness, no matter their circumstance. This is our purpose—it is the reason that Shelter House exists. It’s a mission that could not survive without the support and collaboration of our advocates; a mission that not only betters our neighborhoods and where we call home, but changes the trajectory of individual lives. &...
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When men and women share their stories of what it was like to go through Shelter House programs, they speak of the kindness and generosity experienced from staff and members of the community who stopped by with donations or to volunteer. Individuals and families are thankful for a bed to sleep in, food to eat, clothing, bathing, and laundry facilities as well as guidance and connections to health ...
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Last year, 909 men, women, and children relied on Shelter House for emergency shelter and support when they had no place to call home—including 151 individuals who utilized our Winter Emergency Shelter. Each with unique backgrounds, challenges, goals, and struggles; through Shelter House, individuals found a safe place to stay and the help, guidance, and support needed to move forward in their liv...
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Shelter House

MORE THAN A ROOF AND A BED. Since 1983, Shelter House has provided safe shelter and helped people improve the quality of their lives as they move beyond homelessness. We began in an old home in Iowa City with a capacity of 29 sleeping spaces including beds, couches, and mats on the floor. Today, Shelter House operates a 70-bed emergency shelter in addition to four homes and an apartment building ...
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