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Beat the Heat Splash

Beat the Heat Splash, July 15 – August 15, 2018

Thank you so much to everyone who donated to Beat the Heat 2018! Together we raised $10,002! We thank our sponsors at MidWestOne Bank, Hills Bank, and Yotopia as well as the great sports – Charlie Funk, Sen. Bob Dvorsky, Congressman Dave Loebsack, and Sue Dvorsky.

As the dog days of summer arrive, Iowa’s heat index and humidity rise and so too do the expenses. The Beat the Heat Splash campaign presented by MidWestOne Bank, our Sizzling Hot premier sponsor, is dedicated to providing summer programming for clients to pay for the rising cost of air-conditioning and water utilities, pool passes, and other summer activities.

Donate to our Beat the Heat Splash campaign and someone will get splashed with a full bucket of ice-cold water. Check out who’s in the hot seat and ready to cool down; be sure to watch it all happen on Facebook LIVE when we reach our goal!

  • MidWestOne Bank has donated $2,500 in matching funds to kickstart our campaign. When we match those funds and reach the $5,000 benchmark, MidWestOne Bank CEO, Charlie Funk, will be the first to take on the ice-cold splash-a-thon challenge.
  • When we reach our final $10,000 goal, Congressman Dave Loebsack and Senator Bob and Sue Dvorsky, will be the next to sit in the hot seat and cool down with a bucket of cold water!