We’re more than a roof and a bed.

We are…

a leader
a stepping stone
a safe place

Shelter House is Johnson County’s only homeless shelter. We have provided emergency shelter to men, women, and children, including the disabled and the elderly in Southeast Iowa since 1983. Shelter House provides safe shelter and helps people improve the quality of their lives as they move beyond homelessness.

Shelter House is much more than a roof and a bed. We provide programs and supports that help hundreds of men, women and children each year to get back on their feet. Shelter House keeps children in school, helps men and women get back to work, assists the disabled and elderly to access benefits and health care and moves individuals and families into their own homes. Simply put, Shelter House helps people move beyond homelessness.

Shelter House is a non-profit organization that has provided housing and supportive services to the homeless of Southeast Iowa since 1983. We offer temporary housing and supportive services that help individuals and families make the transition to more stable, productive lives and are staffed 7 days a week.

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Shelter House is a tax exempt 501(c)(3) organization. As a partner agency of the United Way of Johnson County, we have successfully met all local membership accountability standards in finance, ethics, governance, and diversity.

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